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Hotel Transylvania 3

In „Pictures Animation“ in Transylvania 3 Mavis surprised cruise family ship luxury Dracula travels for monster vacation can be assured, comfortable hotel and the restDrac pack can not resist the lettering. Enjoy all the monsters while enjoying all entertainment with cruises of volleyball with monstrous colossal buffets and exotic outings, but then unexpectedly happening during.Drac is both fascinating and also Opasenkapitan. Of family finances, friendsand romance can be too many, even for the most effective vampire.

Count Dracula and companies involved in monstersThe cruising wonder without knowing that their boat was commissioned by the monstrous Van Helsing family.


Genndy TartakovskyMavis Dracula Surprise yourself with the adventures of a luxury luxury family cruise to escape from all the other holidays inHotela.Ostalata part of the Drakova series can not resist. But they were out of the hole, a romance happened, as Draculathe mysterious captain Erica found. Now it is the turn of Mavis to play nadprotektirashtiya parents by holding the father andErica. Few know that his love interest is „too good to be true“ a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, the old Neme Dracula and all the other monsters.

Dracula, which operates high-end tourist destinations away from the human world, sign up to protect children when children attend school and fall into the school for young girls.


GandhiTartakovsky In 1895 Dracula set up a resort in Transylvania that was hidden from people to raise her dear daughter.Mavis is in a safe environment. The current location is Transylvania Hotel, where monsters take their families out of the terrible. Dracula invites her friends – Frankenstein and his wife Enice; Wayne and Wanda, werewolves; Griffin, Invisible Man, Murray, Bigfoot mummy to celebrate Mavis’s 118th birthday. When the meeting started, Jonathan went21, through the forest and stumbled into the hotel. Dracula sees Jonathan and hides him as a monster to hide Jonathan from the guests. But Mavis also saw Jonathan and Dracula, who made him create a monster. Soon, Mavis believed Jonathan was „the life“ of his life, despite his father’s advice to the people.


Auch wenn Alles echt super dekoriert war, haben wir es uns dann doch richtig schmecken lassen, war e…

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